Calling a Go Library from Rust: A Case Study with SQIP

May 27, 2019
I’ve spent this bank holiday weekend building an improved tool for generating my Hugo short codes for responsive images on my blog. In the process I ran into a situation where I needed to call a Go library from Rust. In doing so I learned a fair bit about FFI and as there was no single resource that documented the process I thought I’d break down how to do it and highlight some of the intricacies.
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Shell Shortcuts

May 24, 2019
Getting good at using a command terminal and distancing yourself from GUIs is part of the rite of passage of becoming a programmer and has been something I’ve taken at a slow pace. Here are a few neat tricks I’ve learned when I joined Limejump.
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All Marvel Movies Ranked

May 13, 2019
With Avengers: Endgame behind us, it feels like a huge milestone has been passed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Whilst technically there’s one more movie still to come in MCU’s Phase 3 - I expect the Spiderman: Far from Home to bridge the story rather than add to the previous chapter so I think it’s fair and fitting to reflect a little on the past eleven years of Marvel cinema.
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Weeknotes #5

April 28, 2019
Trys wrote in his weeknotes this week that he uses JournalBook to write his weeknotes up. I haven’t cracked the discipline side of that yet - and only have two entries for the past seven days - but thankfully those entries reminded me of a few things worth writing about, otherwise this would’ve been a weeknote-less week.
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Weeknotes #4

April 22, 2019
This week has been short but sweet! I managed to write my first Rust microservice, got deep into interviewing, and took time to see some of my favourite people.
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Weeknotes #3

April 12, 2019
Features of this week include me curled up in my bathroom vomiting, the proper launch of Limejump’s tech discussions, and movie of the week Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
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Rise of Shadows Pre Release

April 7, 2019
Rise of Shadows is Hearthstone’s latest expansion - this week I hosted a private pre-release party to open my packs early and play with the cards.
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Weeknotes #2

April 5, 2019
This week is a little less full than last week but there was still plenty of time for fun including a rewatch of Creed 2 and some minor tweaks to some of my projects.
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Weeknotes #1

March 29, 2019
Inspired by my friend Trys, I’ve decided to join into the weeknote craze and start chronicling what I get up to each week. My rough plan is to include a healthy mixture of the areas of my life: what I’ve been up to at work, developments in my personal life, things I’ve been pondering, projects I’m working on, and more trivial things like the videogames I’ve been playing, books I’ve been reading, and songs I’ve been listening to.
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Interviewing Candidates: My Thoughts After My First Few Interviews

March 18, 2019
As I write this I’m headed into Vauxhall for my fourth week at Limejump. This time last week I had no interviewing experience at all but since then I’ve quizzed three candidates and spent a lot of time considering what a good interview process looks like and the kinds of questions it’s important to ask. Sitting in the chair of the interviewer as opposed the interviewee has shocked me - I think everything I’ve been taught about interviews is wrong.
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