Button Shy Games in the UK

April 5, 2022
Button Shy Games has recently started shipping from a UK hub. I’ve ordered a few games and wanted to share about my experience.
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What I Use

April 2, 2022
Here is a non-exhaustive list of the things I use every day either for fun, writing code, or just doing “life things”.
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Google Wi-Fi and Elgato Key Light Air

April 1, 2022
During lockdown, I decided to (somewhat impulsively) purchase an Elgato Key Light Air to improve my lighting on video calls. Unfortunately, I ran into some trouble setting it up with my Google Wi-Fi Mesh Network.
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Alacritty and Byobu

April 2, 2020
I noticed the default Ubuntu terminal, my daily driver, has been feeling a little slow recently. Having heard about Alacritty, a fast new terminal written in Rust, I figured I might make the jump over and see what it was all about. The kicker, Alacritty doesn’t have tabs - this post dives into how I made the switch to a tabless world less painful.
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Fighting a Instability Issue with a Windows Gaming PC

February 23, 2020
Recently, using the bones of a friends gaming PC (namely the case, motherboard, PSU, and a couple of HDDs) I built a new gaming PC. Unfortunately, after putting it all together I’ve suffered from a number of strange instability issues that have been difficult to track down. This is a glimpse into the rabbit hole I’ve been down this past week or so.
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Eureka's Top 9 Baddies Ranked: Number 3 Will Surprise You!

February 4, 2020
Eureka is a series of movies created by Pymm Productions - if you haven’t heard of them it’s probably because you don’t live in Englefield Green, it’s fair to say they’re a little bit niche. In Eureka: Journey to the Underworld and the Christmas special Eureka and the Five Gold Rings, Eureka and Brad face a number of monsters and gods, some of whom are easier to defeat than others. Join me as I rank each in reverse order of how formidable they are.
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These Cowboys Can't Win: Beaten by the Eagles

December 23, 2019
This was perhaps the most embarrassing game the Cowboys have played all season. More embarrassing than our 0-4 loss to the Jets and significantly more embarrassing than the game versus a weak and vulnerable Patriots. The Eagles came into this game, deservedly so, as massive underdogs. The Cowboys just had to play 60 minutes of good football to walk away as NFC East champions.
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Replacing Code with Visual Studio Code

December 22, 2019
Today I started the process of moving from Stylus to Sass. As a part of that process I also switched to using CSS variables over Stylus or Sass variables. In order to make that transition easy I used find and replace to replace each $variable with --variable - as a manual process this wasn’t too bad. I only had about 20 variables to replace. Changing all of their appearances however to start with var(--variable) would’ve been painful.
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