A New Website and Blog Theme

January 6, 2019

My website was overdue a facelift, it was bland, outdated, look bad on mobile, and missed some key information. Not only that, it was an obscure Jekyll/HTML mashup with a horrible Gulp/Travis build process - not at all friendly to maintain.

I decided that to add my CV to the website it was time for a rewrite. I considered writing the whole website in regular plain HTML and CSS but I wanted some things to ‘just work’ like routing and a basic theme but the power to go ‘under the hood’ when needed to define a unique layout for the CV. I ended up settling on VuePress. VuePress comes with a great out of the box theme as well as the ability to write Vue components in markdown. For the CV page I defined a custom layout which contains multiple reusable components.

I also adjusted this Hugo blog to match the same theme by converting the old Hemingway theme I was using to use VuePress's default styling. I've published that theme here. The old theme had a lot of dependencies which have been either been removed or upgraded and I also fixed the build process along the way. Overall, the blog looks a lot cleaner and I feel a lot more confident in its appearance and the structure of its layout.

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