These Cowboys Can't Win: Beaten by the Eagles

December 23, 2019

This was perhaps the most embarrassing game the Cowboys have played all season. More embarrassing than our 0-4 loss to the Jets and significantly more embarrassing than the game versus a weak and vulnerable Patriots. The Eagles came into this game, deservedly so, as massive underdogs. The Cowboys just had to play 60 minutes of good football to walk away as NFC East champions.

Of course all season the Cowboys had been questioned about their under performance. We lost games we should’ve won but last week versus the Rams the team looked strong. You can’t quite call it momentum, but it showed this team could show up and win football decisively against tough opponents. It felt like maybe our season had turned a corner, and we could enter the playoffs as actual contenders if we dared believe it. Instead, this week served up a crushing defeat - instead of looking dominant we were dominated.

The Eagles were heavily injured but somehow the Cowboys, at near full health, were outplayed in every facet of the game. We couldn’t score a touchdown, we couldn’t run the ball in the first half, our defence couldn’t produce a takeaway or a sack, and our receivers were sidelined. If we still had Brett Maher kicking the scoreline for this game could’ve been a genuine blowout.

The game raises a lot of questions - why was Amari Cooper so ineffective in this outing and his past six, why can’t our defensive talent lock down our opponents, why is Witten receiving so many snaps, and was Dak’s health limiting his ability to throw but the real question is how we could dominate the Rams but fall short in the game that would take us to the playoffs. At this point it kind of feels like the Cowboys don’t even want to win.

The problem starts at the top - we lost because we were out-coached and after six seasons it’s time for Jason Garrett to go, and it’s time we clear the rest of the coaches out as well.

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