Eureka's Top 9 Baddies Ranked: Number 3 Will Surprise You!

February 4, 2020
Eureka is a series of movies created by Pymm Productions - if you haven’t heard of them it’s probably because you don’t live in Englefield Green, it’s fair to say they’re a little bit niche. In Eureka: Journey to the Underworld and the Christmas special Eureka and the Five Gold Rings, Eureka and Brad face a number of monsters and gods, some of whom are easier to defeat than others. Join me as I rank each in reverse order of how formidable they are.
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These Cowboys Can't Win: Beaten by the Eagles

December 23, 2019
This was perhaps the most embarrassing game the Cowboys have played all season. More embarrassing than our 0-4 loss to the Jets and significantly more embarrassing than the game versus a weak and vulnerable Patriots. The Eagles came into this game, deservedly so, as massive underdogs. The Cowboys just had to play 60 minutes of good football to walk away as NFC East champions.
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Replacing Code with Visual Studio Code

December 22, 2019
Today I started the process of moving from Stylus to Sass. As a part of that process I also switched to using CSS variables over Stylus or Sass variables. In order to make that transition easy I used find and replace to replace each $variable with --variable - as a manual process this wasn’t too bad. I only had about 20 variables to replace. Changing all of their appearances however to start with var(--variable) would’ve been painful.
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Election Night 2019

December 12, 2019
Well it is election night 2019 and it looks pretty bleak. A majority of 86 - with the largest share of the vote for the Conservatives in a long time, similarly historical and equally bleak is the Labour seat count - the lowest allegedly since 1935.
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Replacing Vue With Vanilla JavaScript

November 2, 2019
After a few recent tweaks to my blog I realised that a large portion of its JavaScript bundle size was taken up with Vue.js. I’m a huge fan of Vue - I think it’s a great framework for developing applications but given I was using it just for a search box and a pop up it was hard to justify keeping it.
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Jonathan's Movies Discover Bug

October 6, 2019
Spotting bugs is easy but fixing them can often be a challenge. Here’s the story of how I lost three hours of sleep last night to an unlikely bug.
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Marvel Movie Rankings

July 20, 2019
This post is up-to-date as of August 2022. This post lists my (hopefully!) up-to-date ranking of all the Marvel movies I’ve seen. As caveated in my original attempt to rank Marvel’s catalogue there are a lot of issues with creating a list like this. Marvel movies don’t allow like for like comparisons - even within the bounds of a specific character’s story directors change and genres are blended. For instance, Thor and Thor: Ragnarok have almost nothing in common aside from some of the cast.
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Japan 2019 Day 8

June 28, 2019
Day eight of ten is Hiroshima day! Hiroshima is one of the parts of the trip I’ve been most excited about mainly because of its history of being the first place targeted by a nuclear weapon but also because of the island of Miyajima, which comes heavily recommended.
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Japan 2019 Day 7

June 27, 2019
Today was the day we truly escaped the confines of Tokyo and headed South for our three day excursion to Kyoto and Hiroshima.
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Japan 2019 Day 6

June 27, 2019
Day six of our trip to Japan was meant to be a trip to Kyoto but a last minute change of plans due to fortunate weather meant we decided to climb Mount Takao - a mountain about an hour outside Tokyo that has views of Mt. Fuji on a good day!
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